SuperGuard Housewrap


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Super Guard™ is a Scientifically Advanced Structure of Non-woven Polyolefin with Breathable Coating that provides high strength non-perforated  membrane to protect from both water hold-out and air. Super Guard™ provides a Vapour-Permeable layer that resists Air and Water from outside, while also allowing water vapours to escape from inside. Which allow effectively eliminating excess moisture, thereby preventing the damaging effects of mold and rot.


Super Guard™ offers Architects, Specifiers and Builder a smart building wrap solution, one that delivers the ideal balance between breathe-ability and water protection, so it can be used in any climate and behind most exterior claddings.

Super Guard™ can be used on both Air-Barrier and Breather type Applications

Super Guard™ House wrap can be used under following cladding systems

  • Fiber Cement

  • Wood (including Shingles & Shakes)

  • Vinyl and Insulated Vinyl

  • Composite Panels

  • Insulated Sheathings

  • Manufactured Stone, Brick, Masonry

  • Stucco

  • Metal

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