SAX 360 30 oz. Extreme Climate Dual Valve Straw & Gun-Grade Expanding Insulating Spray Foam Gun-Grade Sealant


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  • 360 application angle (spray right-side, side ways and upside down) to tackle challenging corners and hard-to-reach areas
  • Avoid losing out on the last ounces of each can. The dual valve ensures that all 30oz. (750 mL) of product escapes the can and utilized in application
  • Dual valve is compatible for use with foam guns or straw applicators
  • Application temperature rating down to negative 20C
  • Exceeds ASTM C920 and ISO 11600:2002
  • Resistant to all kinds of weather conditions (sea water, steam moisture)
  • Fill and Seal from Air, Moisture and Sound
  • Medium Density multipurpose foam
  • For interior and exterior window & door applications
  • Environmentally aware. Releases no CFC or HCFC into the atmosphere
  • Increases energy efficiency and provides long term insulation value
  • Bonds and seals to common construction materials: wood, concrete, plaster, etc. controllable, quick, and efficient application
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